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SMS Payments

We offer you a wide range of payment options for any of your services. You can choose payment methods that fit your services best: one-time payment, subscription services, Pay-per-Click service (association of subscriber's mobile phone number with the account on client’s website to simplify the subsequent payments); mobile commerce etc.

All these services are powered by one technological platform and use one general solution: SMS-Gate.

    SMS payments via SMS Online platform offer you some essential advantages, such as:
  • Wide range of short codes that can be used either as dedicated lines or as a part of our affiliate program
  • Direct connections to mobile network carriers
  • Russia and CIS uniform short codes, available for all mobile network operators
  • Worldwide coverage, enabling services promotion to subscribers in different countries
  • Detailed online stats for all the services
  • Intelligent system of fraudulent messages prevention
  • Misprinted messages correction system, allowing to correct all the common misprints in incoming messages; this allows to increase our client’s profit for up to 25-30%
  • 24/7 technical support for clients and subscribers

You will find more detailed information on all the services below.

SMS Billing

In case of one-time payment subscriber is offered to send a message with a certain text to a corresponding short code, whereupon this message can be either sent to your script for processing, or simply added to your stats. In any case, a subscriber will receive a message, containing either a common response, or your script response after processing. Different tariffing options are available (see World coverage).

    You can use the following options:
  • Placing a web-form on your website, that will load from SMS Online server each time. After that the subscriber will be provided with a keyword and a short code, depending on the country and the mobile network operator (further referred as SMS-World);
  • After choosing a dedicated keyword, all the messages starting with this keyword (e.g. BILL) will be linked to your account. In this case, information page should contain the keyword and the short code, e.g.: "To add 20 units to your account send BILL20 to 9395".

SMS-Gate - a uniform solution for processing your subscribers’ messages. System is automatically recognizing and correcting standard subscribers’ misprints in messages, session mode is available. It also provides maximum safety and flexibility in configuring.

Download SMS-Gate service description

Two standalone solutions - SMS-World and SMS-Lock - have been developed on the base of SMS-Gate.

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Ready to Use Solutions


SMS-World is an add-on to SMS-Gate, allowing our partners to receive payments from all the countries listed in World Coverage section. This service uses automatic keyword generation, depending on country and mobile network operator chosen.

Please note: SMS-World works only with properly installed SMS-Gate service. SMS-World service description is included in the SMS-Gate service description.


If you have a website with some services and you want to add some restrictions by granting access to these services only to premium-users, we offer you SMS-Lock solution that will enable you to customize access preferences for certain parts of this website.

Download SMS-Lock service description


Social Networks

SMS-Gate is widely used in social networks to recharge account balance. Subscribers are able to get the entire network’s special services (presents, votes etc.), participate in inner gaming projects and use some other applications. For this reason, SMS payment is the most common payment method and used by huge audience of social networks.

Online Games

An important factor in online games is a way of communication between players, where a subscriber might often need to recharge the account immediately (e.g., when the specific weapon is needed for the final battle). The main convenience of SMS payments is the instant purchase of game local currency without interruption.

Periodic Content Purchases

SMS payments are widely used for online content purchase (licensed mp3s, videos etc.).

Subscription-Based Services

Subscription-based services enable you to use periodical payments. Unlike single billing payments, subscriptions are suited best for renovated services: providing access to premium content for a certain time, periodic delivery of some kind of information etc.

Billing amounts could be set depending on each service’s features: daily, weekly, monthly billing (along with some other periods, e.g. once each 3 days, 5 days, 10 days etc.).

Subscription is initiated by filling up a web-form on your website, or by sending message to a short code.

To install subscription-based services you can use our API. In this case subscriptions are implemented as a single web-form for all the mobile network operators (web-form is also provided by SMS Online).

Alternatively, our partners can use their own interfaces for subscription form, but this should meet mobile network operators’ requirements.

Download Subscription-Based Services description


Information services: exchange rates, weather forecasts, horoscopes etc.

Scheduled delivery of up-to-date information to your subscribers. Any periodically updated information can be delivered as subscription: daily currency rates, weather forecast for your region, and your personal daily horoscopes – all these services are available with one single activation and following automatic renovation.

Payments for premium access

If you have VIP-accounts on your website and the subscribers have to pay for using premium-services, subscription might be the most convenient way to organize billing for this kind of service. Flexibility in picking up tariffing and billing period enables you to choose the payment scheme that fits your services best.


Pay-per-Click is a service based on single MT tariffing (paid incoming message), that is activated by subscriber on the website. Service’s main feature is that the subscriber doesn’t need to send messages each time when service prolongation is needed.

In order to use this payment method, the subscriber should link his account to mobile phone number, and then verify it. Further billing will be made without sending message, subscriber only will need to press "Buy" button on the website.

This service is safer than any other payment method and is implemented on the websites with required authentication, because these accounts must be linked to users mobile phone numbers.

Service description

Each time subscriber wants to make a purchase by pressing the "Pay" button, the mobile phone number attached to this account is displayed.

One phone number can only be attached to one user; it cannot be attached to two different accounts at the same time.

Subscriber can unsubscribe from Pay-per-Click service at any time by deleting specified phone number from the account. Subscriber can also change phone number for billing (with following additional phone number verification).

Download Pay-per-Click service description


Social Networks

Along with regular SMS-Gate service, Pay-per-Click is also used in social networks for account recharging and purchasing other premium-services.

Online games

In online games immediate account recharge is frequently needed, while necessity to send message for recharging might be annoying for player. After adding Pay-per-Click service to your online-world, players will refill their balance in a matter of seconds.

Mobile Commerce

    Mobile commerce is a new method of receiving SMS payments for your services and has some differences from the Premium SMS:
  • Higher payment amounts
  • Completely safe service without any fraudulent messages
  • Higher payouts (depends on your service category)

Mobile commerce has all the advantages of regular SMS payment (first of all, this is the most convenient payment method for the subscribers). Mobile commerce enables to process payments for more expensive services.

This service is only available for three Russian mobile network operators: Beeline, MTS, and Megafon.

Wide Tariffing Range

Single billing amounts from any minimum sum to 15,000 rubles (any payment amount could be picked for a certain service).

Safe service without any fraudulent messages

When making an SMS purchase, subscriber gets a message containing the name of your product and the amount to be paid. The message also includes an offer to confirm payment by sending a response message to it. Billing only takes place after subscriber answers to this incoming message. However, in case of lack of money on subscribers account, billing will not be successful: this helps to avoid fraudulent messages.

High payments

There’s a flexible scale of service categories that can use Mobile commerce service, and corresponding mobile network operators fees. These fees are much lower than with common SMS payments, so the payouts will be higher.

Please note! Mobile network operators’ fees depend much on services categories, and in some of them your payout can be a lot higher than in SMS billing segment.

General interaction scheme

  • Subscriber chooses service on the website and "Mobile phone payment" type of payment; then the payment conditions are displayed
  • The code for SMS is displayed on the website
  • After sending a message with this code to a short code, the subscriber gets a response message with the service name and its cost. An offer to proceed the payment by replying to this message is also included
  • Subscriber replies to this message
  • In case of successful billing, the subscriber gets another message confirming the payment processing


  • E-commerce
  • Online content purchases
  • Utility payments
  • Payments for internet and TV-access

Mobile Commerce presentation

Mobile Commerce service description

Wide coverage

over 70 countries

100% of Russian and CIS carriers

500 000 000 potential subscribers


High capacity

SMS Payments: up to 1.8 million SMS per hour

Messaging: up to 3 million SMS per hour

IVR channels: 720 voice lines


Our system is designed to work in backup mode and uses cluster technologies. That enables us to keep our services running 24/7.

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