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Help - For our partners

FAQ on joining us

FAQ on joining us

FAQ on our services

FAQ on our services

FAQ on payouts

FAQ on payouts

General FAQ

General FAQ

If you can't find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us

or you can use our 

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– What are the sign up terms? Is this free?

Sign up is totally free. Also, you can earn money using our services.

– I have some websites. Should I register new account for each of them?

No, you should only sign up once, after that you will get your partner ID. Using this ID you can integrate any of our SMS services in your websites. Payments will be processed with this ID so the more websites you have with the same ID, the bigger payouts you will get.

– I've already sent sign up request, but still got no response. What could be the reason?

There can be some different reasons:

  • You made typos in some fields (e.g. e-mail), your mailbox is full, or confirmation e-mail from us has been considred as spam (please check 'Spam' folder).
  • Your website doesn't match our requirements - e.g. it may be under construction, unavailable, or contain adult content etc.)
– Do you work with websites distributing porn, illegal software or gambling?

Porn, illegal software, and gambling are strictily forbidden. We can offer you our content (erotic wallpapers, animations, ringtones etc.). In some countries erotic content is not allowed too.

– I already use another SMS provider (content provider). Will it be hard for me to start working with you now?
  • We offer you a set of ready-to-use scripts to start working with us, so you will only need to change a couple of lines in your code
  • These changes won't take more than 5 minutes of your time.
  • We also offer some specific terms for partners who start working with us after using another SMS provider (these terms are provided by our managers on demand)
– Is it hard to install your services?

Installing standard SMS services (wallpapers, astrology etc.) often takes 15-20 minutes only, while setting up web-page design depend on how you want this to look like. But you can always ask for technical help from our specialists. More complicated services (e.g. SMS Lock or SMS Voting) will require adding some simple scripts to your website. In most cases this should not take more than one business day, and after that no additional support is required.

– What should I do to sign up?

You must enter your personal data and information about your services at (on Sign Up) page and specify your preferred payout method. In 1 or 2 business day after that your account will be activated.

See also: FAQ on our services

– Which SMS services can I add to my websites?

You can either choose any of our standard services (see complete list at Services section) or contact us so our specialists will help you to design a unique service for your website.

– Which SMS services can make more profit for me? What should I start from?

As we can see from our partners' stats, most profit is gained with SMS Lock and theme services. E.g., erotic animations for 18+ website, astrology for sites of women's issues, mobile wallpapers on desktop wallpapers website etc. You can "hide" for SMS payment the most useful information on your site, or give your subscribers an option to raise their inner ratings on your site. We are always ready to help you.

– Can you develop some specific SMS services for my website?

Yes, but there are some terms: traffic on your website must be big enough (3000+ visitors per day) and the service itself must not offend Russian Federation laws. Some additional time might be required for service approval by mobile network operators. But our services are universal, so you can simply add them to your site instantly.

See also: FAQ on payouts

– How much are the payments? What is your fee?

Our fee is the lowest among SMS providers in Russian Federation, and it's less than 1 percent of end user message cost. We offer the best prices in the market, so your total monthly payout depends only on your efforts: your website traffic, number of our services installed, and on your promotional activities..

– When do you send payments?

Payments for content services (wallpapers, videos, astrology etc.) are processed on the 1st day of the following month (or on the first business day). Payments for online services (SMS Lock, SMS Rating, SMS Quiz etc.) are processed on the 1st day of the following month.

– How will I get my payout?

You can choose either electronic payments (WebMoney), or signing a contract.

– Why should I be sure I will get my payments in time?
  • We have over 7000 partners and we work at SMS services market over 7 years, so we care about our reputation a lot
  • We have no delays in payments processing, and we always pay our clients in full
  • All stats by your SMS requests and displays are available online and totally clear: any request is added to the stats in real time, so if you have any doubts - please send a message containing your SMS code from any phone number, and you will instantly see it in your stats.
  • Also we can sign a bilateral contract where all our responsibilities will be stated in the written form
– Is there any minimum amount of monthly payout?

NO, there's no minimum amount, we pay any sums from $0.1 to $1.000.000

– Why do you tell your fee is less than 1% while I get only about a half of the message price?

Your profit is calculated after we pay mobile network operator fee (Beeline, MTS etc.) that is up to 50% of message cost. After that we pay you almost all the sum, save for about 1% to ourselves.

– What is my profit if my subscribers are using electronic payments to pay for my services?

You get almost twice bigger payments, because in this case we shouldn't pay mobile network operator fees.

See also: General FAQ

– Which handsets do you support?

We have over 5000 handsets supported, and the phone database is constantly growing.

– Should I sign a contract with SMS Online?

If you act as a company then yes, you should. If you act as a private person, it's not required. We work with legal entities under non-exclusive copyrights assignment contract. We also recommend private persons to sign contract with us, as this can be another proof of our reliability. In case we do not sign a bilateral contract, you should accept terms and conditions at our website before starting using services.

– What should I do in case of getting complaints from subscribers?

SMS Online provides technical support for your subscribers for all of our services. If you get any complaints regarding our services, you can offer your subscriber to fill a request form. In most cases these complaints are caused by typos in the message (0 for o, I for 1, deleted spaces etc). On the other hand, some other subscribers can make a call without sending a message to the short code, hoping this will be passed succesfully by technical support. But we do keep all the logs, so the service will be provided anyway, but only if this request was real.