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Help - For end users

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– How much do i pay for sending message to a short code?

Message costs are provided on web-service page and depends on your carrier. You can also find it in Rates section.

– I cannot send a message. What should i do?

Please check if network is available (e.g., check your balance). If coverage is good, please check messaging settings. If this is correct too, please contact your carrier technical support.

– What should i do to order mobile content?

You should have GPRS-access enabled. You can either get an information on it on your carrier's website, or by making a call to it's technical support.

– Can i save my order?

When you get a link for content download in incoming message, you should copy it and paste in your web-browser, or simply click it (if your phone models allows this). You can also save this link for later usage.

– What should i do if i can't find here answers to my questions?

In this case you better contact us via e-mail, or make a call to our technical support. You can find all our contacts on the left side of this page.