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Interactive Services

SMS Online has a multifunctional technological platform that enables us to carry out any complex interactive projects.

In practice, our Interactive services allows the following ways of feedback from your users:

  • Displaying received messages on a website
  • Placing SMS messages to a corresponding webpage
  • Sending comments to media
  • Delivering subscribers’ greetings to radio/TV program

In particular, we have developed such solutions as SMS-FM, SMS Quiz, SMS Voting, and SMS Chat. All these services are ready to use, so you can start earn money with them quite soon after joining us.

These solutions are targeted to a wide audience and may considerably increase the number of your services’ users.

SMS-FM. Web-interface for radio

The first specialized B2В-project that enables you to manage incoming messages flow and implement all the SMS services for radio stations, since they are the most active media-partners using mobile technologies while interacting with audience.

    SMS-FM main features are:
  • Reasoned and ergonomic software front-end that doesn’t require any specialized background from radio
  • Universal set of functions for work in any air studios (carrying out SMS competitions and quizzes, processing SMS requests on air, getting feedback, along with some non-typical ways of communicating with your audience)
  • Built-in CRM complex makes possible to observe communication logs for each single listener, change one's status, add comments, and respond to all messages in time.

Promotional video


SMS Quiz

    Ready to use service for SMS quizzes. SMS Online is providing technical solutions here, while the following matters are to be realized on the client’s side:
  • Question list with correct and incorrect answers list (in one standartized form)
  • Promotional activities
  • Confirmation of all the SMS service details (participants’ technical support, contest winner election, prize distribution etc.)

Download SMS Quiz service description

SMS Voting

SMS voting enables you to achieve significant marketing goals in developing an entertainment website: getting fair presentation of your primary audience preferences, forming inner ratings of authors and their materials.

Voting can be used in any website section.

To participate in voting your users must send a desired answer to a short code.

SMS Chat

You can give your subscribers an option to send messages to each other, share their ideas, and pass their remarks in assistance of our SMS Chat.

Displaying chat messages on the corresponding webpages, creating TV chat along with some other services (e.g. private chats), and other options are available with SMS Online ready to use solutions.

Examples of use

Radio SMS portal

Messages to the specified short code allows your users to make compliments, request favorite songs and send their greetings to any friend on air.

SMS Quiz

In order to participate in a quiz, your user must send a message to ХХХХ short code. In response he will get the first question of the quiz. To reply to this question the user can send the right answer number to the same short code. If the answer is right, the user will get the next question and gain 1 point. If the answer is wrong he also gets the next question, but without getting any points. Generally, the winner is the one who gains the most points among all the participants.

TV Voting

SMS can also be used by your users to send their votes for their favorite music videos or artists. Voting results can be displayed online on the TV screen, or on the TV channel website.

Interactive services are not limited to these examples. You can create any interactive SMS services, so you are welcome to contact our managers on the matter.

Wide coverage

over 70 countries

100% of Russian and CIS carriers

500 000 000 potential subscribers


High capacity

SMS Payments: up to 1.8 million SMS per hour

Messaging: up to 3 million SMS per hour


Our system is designed to work in backup mode and uses cluster technologies. That enables us to keep our services running 24/7.

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