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Intelligent Systems

    We have all the available technologies for mobile solutions:
  • Message receiving, processing and delivery
  • Processing voice messages
  • Arranging interactive SMS services according to requirements of our partners

You won’t need any specific programming skills to implement our solutions; you will only have to add our ready-to-use solutions to your website or project. If you need deeper integration, we have a specific API with sufficient room for customizing.

Quality of SMS Online technologies implementation makes us favorable for a number of world-known internet, media, and business companies.

1. Reliability control system

SMS Online backup capacities enable us to provide nearly 100% fail-safety. In case of system failure backup server is started within 1 minute, guaranteeing almost uninterrupted operation.

2. Load distribution system

SMS Billing

SMS Online platform is capable of processing up to 1.8 million messages per hour (up to 500 per second for two-way SMS Gateway). This key figure is calculated based on the time, consumed by the system for processing incoming traffic (MO) and outgoing traffic (MT).


Output of SMS Online messaging gate is over 3 000 000 messages per hour (over 850 per second). High message processing speed enable us to form delivery reports with delay no longer than 1 minute.

3. Uniform interface for connection to mobile network operators worldwide

Dedicated short codes in over 70 countries worldwide enable us to process premium SMS and carry out messaging activities worldwide.

4. Intelligent systems of automated analysis

Correcting subscribers’ misprints in SMS requests

Misprint correction system is a unique technology developed by SMS Online, helping to correct misprinted messages invisible for subscriber, leading to reduce of the number of subscribers’ claims to technical support and, consequently, your profit increase (8%-12% at an average). This system allows you to: for keywords with digits – to correctly process any misprints (e.g., '0' for 'O'), for keywords with letters – to correct 20 most common and 65 other misprints.


Automated antifraud system

Except for taking care of subscribers, we use an efficient system of SMS-fraud prevention, enabling us to cover our clients from false messages that will not be paid by mobile network operators. This system allows us to: define limits for number of messages sent and delay time between messages; automated matching of fraud data from mobile network operators and SMS Online fraud prevention system; data correction.

Wide coverage

over 70 countries

100% of Russian and CIS carriers

500 000 000 potential subscribers


High capacity

SMS Payments: up to 1.8 million SMS per hour

Messaging: up to 3 million SMS per hour


Our system is designed to work in backup mode and uses cluster technologies. That enables us to keep our services running 24/7.

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