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Phone Info

Phone Info service offers you obtaining up-to-date info about your subscribers, based on their phone numbers analysis. You can get information about:

  • subscriber’s country and region, along with his mobile network operator name
  • current tariffs for his mobile network operator in this country
  • some other additional parameters

How can I use this service?

Determination of subscriber’s mobile network operator and current tariffs can be useful in lots of services. You will be able to:

  • display current tariffs on your website, personalized for each single subscriber
  • process billing of subscribers of different mobile network operators by different tariffing schemes, picking up most efficient tariffs and payment methods
  • offer your subscribers only the offers, that suit them (and hide the ones, that doesn’t fit)

Detecting subscribers’ region can be a useful option for targeted ads (e.g.: SMS-bulk), considering their geographic location.

Information about Subscriber’s time zone will let you be sure you won’t be interrupting hiss sleep in the night, only providing your service at a certain time frame.

Phone Info also serves to check subscribers’ phone numbers correctness, universalizing them to one definite international format, e.g.: 8(916)123-‍45-67 and +7 916 ‍123 4567 will be interpreted as 79161795078.

Phone Info can be used either for preliminary aggregation of your subscribers’ phone information (using a previously prepared phone numbers database), or for sending an instant request on a certain order.

Wide coverage

over 70 countries

100% of Russian and CIS carriers

500 000 000 potential subscribers


High capacity

SMS Payments: up to 1.8 million SMS per hour

Messaging: up to 3 million SMS per hour


Our system is designed to work in backup mode and uses cluster technologies. That enables us to keep our services running 24/7.

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