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Alpha name

Sender name, it is displayed in "From:" field in incomming messages.

API (Application Programming Interface)

A particular set of rules and specifications that software can follow to communicate.

Asynchronous mode

A mode used when incomming message (from the end user to the server) and outcoming (backward) are sent during two separate HTTP-requests.

Backup script

An additional script used in case of inaccessibility of main script or its malfunction. Backup script must be hosted on different (backup) server.

CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

A standard interface method for web servers software to delegate the generation of web pages to executable files.


A program that is stored on the remote web server and is executed on the web server in response to a request from a user.

"Confidential" script

A script hosted on partner's server, designed to receive and correctly process all incoming messages.

Dedicated number

A voice number provided to our partner on dedicated basis. Dedicated voice number can be provided either for a specific time-slot (e.g. from 5 pm to 8 pm), or for 24/7 operation.


A link designed to carry 30 E0 data channels + 1 signal channel. The line data rate is 2,048 Mbit/s.


Illegal method of oversubscription, caused by mobile network operators platform technical capabilities, leading to get access to the service by end users without paying for it.



General keyword

In some countries our clients should use compound keywords, including general keyword and sub-keyword, e.g. RR PREFIX TEXT. In this case one general keyword RR is used.


HTTP-method. Requests a representation of the specified resource.


Code of a webpage made using HyperText Markup Language (HTML).


see HTTP-protocol


see HTTPS-protocol


HyperText Transfer Protocol is the protocol used by the World Wide Web. It defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, and what actions browsers should take in response to commands.


HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is a combination of the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) with SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server.

ID of Partner (IDP)

Unique ID of our partners in SMS Online database.

International operator code

Operator code in international format: mobile network code (MNC) and mobile country code (MCC). E.g., Russia code is 250. Operator codes are: 01 – MTS, 02 – Megafon, 99 – Beeline. In such a manner, international operator codes are: 250 01 – MTS, 250 02 – Megafon, 250 99 – Beeline, etc.


A sequence of letters or digits that the end should start his outgoing message with. This sequence is unique and is provided only to one client, allowing to correctly process payouts by filtering messages, starting wwith specific keywords.


128-bit hashing algorithm for conversion of random length input string to an output fixed length bit string.


Sending messages to partner's users (database is provided by partner).

Misprint correction system

A technology developed by SMS Online, allowing us to correct most common subscribers' misprints. E.g., '0' digit and 'O' letter, '1' digit and 'I' letter etc.

MO message
(Mobile Originated)

SMS from the end user to the server.

MO billing

Billing with MO message to a short code.

Mobile commerce

A method of SMS payment for services, carried out through bank. Main features of this service are bigger payment amounts, enhanced security and lack of fraudulent messages.

MT message
(Mobile Terminated)

SMS from the server to the end user.

MT billing

Billing with MT message.

MT subscriptions

Automatic periodical billing.


A service based on payments via single MT billing, initialized by the end user on partner's website.

Phone info

SMS Online service enabling our clients to obtain data on their end users based on phone numbers. More>>

Phone number verification

Procedure of phone number checking concerning its belonging to certain subscriber. Made by entering to a corresponding field one unique confirmation code, that is delivered to subscriber in an incoming message.

Premium SMS

A type of message used for obtaining paid services. In order to obtain required service subscriber is sending message with all the needed keywords to a short code.




HTTP-method. Submits data to be processed to the identified resource.

Premium account

A category of subscribers of a web-resource, who have access to extended content range, not available for other subscribers. Commonly this service is provided on paid basis.


Handling software, accepting incoming messages from subscribers and delivering correct response at the output.

Service script


Session mode

Session mode is enabled for a certain keyword, commonly for services, where subscriber is sending a lot of uniform messages (quizzes, contests, chats etc.). After enabling session mode every forthcoming message will be properly processed, even it doesn't contain a keyword itself. E.g., in the frame of quiz subscriber is sending QUIZ keyword to a short code, after that all the following messages will be processed either with a keyword, or without it (both «3» and «QUIZ 3» messages will be processed).

Short code

A short sms-number (commonly of 4 or 5 digits), to which subscribers are sending messages in order to obtain some specific services.


Short Message Peer-to-Peer protocol is a telecommunications industry protocol for exchanging SMS messages between SMS peer entities such as short message service centers.

SMS aggregator

A company, acting as liaison between mobile network operator and SMS-service owner.


Our solution for processing messages from end users and valid billing.


In some countries our clients should use compound keywords, including general keyword and sub-keyword, e.g. RR PREFIX TEXT. In this case sub-keyword PREFIX is used.


A service, based on periodic billing of subscribers, who previously provided concurrence for such billing scheme.


An amount, to which subscriber is billed. Tariffs are prescribed separately for each short code (some insignificant divergences in tariffs for different mobile network operators in one region are allowed).

"Through" short codes format

Short codes, uniform for subscribers in different countries.

VAS (Value Added Services)

Services that require additional payments from the end users.




End user is billed after filling the service web-form, providing phone number, and following verifification by entering confirmation code on web-form page.


An application allowing to work with data directly from web-browser (with out installation of any additional software).


Web-page element, designed for data input. Filled by subscriber to start using service.


eXtended Markup Language. XML is a text format, used for storing structured data.

Wide coverage

over 70 countries

100% of Russian and CIS carriers

500 000 000 potential subscribers


High capacity

SMS Payments: up to 1.8 million SMS per hour

Messaging: up to 3 million SMS per hour


Our system is designed to work in backup mode and uses cluster technologies. That enables us to keep our services running 24/7.

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